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Track 1Where Have All The Cowboys GoneDownload
Track 2Ring Of FireDownload
Track 3Da Do Ron RonDownload
Track 4Here Comes The SunDownload
Track 5I′m So ExcitedDownload
Track 6Wind Of ChangeDownload
Track 7Just The Two Of UsDownload
Track 8Joe Le TaxiDownload
Track 9JuliaDownload
Track 10I Can Hear MusicDownload
Track 11Don′t Tell MeDownload
Track 12DanielDownload
Track 13BitchDownload
Track 14I Can′t Stand The RainDownload
Track 15From Sarah With LoveDownload
Track 16When I Need YouDownload
Track 17I Want You To Want MeDownload
Track 18El Cóndor PasaDownload
Track 19Lady_MarmaladeDownload
Track 20Fun Fun FunDownload
Track 21I Can′t Get You Out Of My HeadDownload
Track 22SupermanDownload
Track 23SexyDownload
Track 24Ich Bin IchDownload
Track 25Rock Around The ClockDownload
Track 26Just Like A PillDownload
Track 27Do Your ThingDownload
Track 28Get Your Kicks On Route66Download
Track 29Für DichDownload
Track 30Hey JoeDownload
Track 31Right NowDownload
Track 32Baby One More TimeDownload
Track 33Billie JeanDownload
Track 34AngelsDownload
Track 35Irgendwie Irgendwo IrgendwannDownload
Track 36Sonderzug Nach PankowDownload
Track 37ParadiseDownload
Track 38TornDownload
Track 39You Drive Me CrazyDownload
Track 40That′s AllDownload
Track 41Ella Elle l′aDownload